About Hospitality
At Natural Comfort’s Hospitality Division, we fully understand the unique needs of our partners’ distribution in the hospitality industry. Whether it is for quaint boutique chain hotels or a full-fledged resort with hundreds of clients, we offer an extensive line of bedding for all your aspirations: Economy 200 Thread Count to Luxurious 700 Thread Count, and everything in between. All are specifically developed to provide your guests a great night’s sleep at the utmost competitive price. Our naturally filled down bedding products are extremely long-lasting — lasting up to three times more than standard synthetic comforters or pillows. Because of your needs as a sustainable business, we labored to make products that act as durable investments that add value to your business by reducing its costs of replacing or repairing older bedding. In this sense all our products are serious long-term investments that wisely reduce costs without sacrificing quality, aesthetics, or ease of use. We welcome and encourage you to take advantage of our diverse custom design services — for example, we can sew your company logo onto the bedding to provide your customers a bedding experience that is unique to you and your brand. Feel free to contact us directly for details. We are eager to forge a partnership ahead.